"Terkadang hal-hal sederhana seperti senyuman,sapaan 'halo' itu jauh lebih baik daripada "idealisme-idealisme rohani" yang orientasinya adalah diri sendiri,punya maksud-maksud tertentu,tanpa/minim kasih dan yang tidak pernah di aplikasikan sehingga orang lain bosan & muak mendengarnya"

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Po*nography By Kelvin Gilmore

Isn't it astonishing how Satan deceives so many men to look for s*x like a good meal?
By looking at pictures and movies that elevate flesh above doing God's will.

The Body was not created to be a tool used by Satan to lure men into Hell.
It wasn't created for men to play games like show and tell.

The Body is to be regarded as God's greatest of all creations;
But sinful man has treated it like a pump at the local gas station.

Pumping gas into vehicles of different colors and shapes.
Sometimes pumping gas on the ground what a tragic mistake.

By enjoying naked pictures of someone's mother, wife, daughter or sister- some men fail to see.
That he would be ready to kill if someone was lusting after the members of his family.

Repent now and turn to Jesus to be delivered from the spirit of P*rnography.
Don't let Satan lead you to a fiery lake bigger than any sea.

Lord, open my eyes and the eyes of my love ones to the evil in po*nography and every sin, that so easily besets me. Give me and them the strength to fight against sin through the victory in Jesus. In Jesus name,Amen.

Kelvin Gilmore

Kelvin Gilmore, a devout man of God, sold out for Jesus Christ. Gifted and chosen by God to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching and poetic persuasion. Persuasion because the gift that God has imparted to him is of the upmost uniqueness that it persuades you of your need for Jesus.

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