"Terkadang hal-hal sederhana seperti senyuman,sapaan 'halo' itu jauh lebih baik daripada "idealisme-idealisme rohani" yang orientasinya adalah diri sendiri,punya maksud-maksud tertentu,tanpa/minim kasih dan yang tidak pernah di aplikasikan sehingga orang lain bosan & muak mendengarnya"

Friday, June 7, 2013

Rose Of Heaven

[Eye Of Wanders, Adrenaline,  & The Storms]
The eyes are young , When the eye wanders
When the storms(of temptations) are closing in
The adrenaline are rushing in
I'm shivering inside

[Walls Are Falling Down]
Try to hold on as long as I can 
My strength is almost gone
Walls are falling down
I'm drowned to the mud
Not worthy....I'm helpless

I know what you are trying to offer
You offered me "heaven" but you bring me to "hell"
For you are a liar
I went and made you my friend
And you left me dying and broken apart
For you are a liar

[Rose Of Heaven]
Is this to be my end 
My hands are sand
I've tried so hard but nothing works
Daddy, here I am longing for Your embrace
Tears fall down from my face
I barely You whisper thru the rain
'I'm with you'

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